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We’re proud to work with well-known and respected dealers who sell Great Lakes Window energy efficient windows and doors. Knowledgeable in the styles and options that best fit your needs, your local dealer is dedicated to helping you find the right vinyl replacement windows and doors for your home.

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AK, CO, KS, MS, OK  Dan Phipps | 419-343-0378  | dan.phipps@greatlakeswindow.com

AL, FL (North), GA, MD, NC, SC, TN, VA  Chris Saulinskas | 419-913-8059 | Chris.Saulinskas@greatlakeswindow.com

CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT  Bill Emby | 419-460-3386 | bill.emby@greatlakeswindow.com

IA, MO, ND, NE, SD  Mike Haggerty | 913-271-2116 | mike.haggerty@greatlakeswindow.com

IL, MN, WI  Mike Rucinski | 419-601-2717  | mike.rucinski@greatlakeswindow.com

IN (North), MI, OH (North)  Dick Egan | 419-467-7549  | dick.egan@greatlakeswindow.com

IN (South), KY, OH (South), WV  Brian Egan | 419-351-4891 | Brian.Egan@Greatlakeswindow.com

LA, TX  Tony Craver | 281-734-9359 | tony.craver@greatlakeswindow.com